Our History

Building has been our family trade since 1948 when my father began building in the Susquehanna Valley area of Northeast Pennsylvania where he built hundreds of brick homes. During that time, he built more homes than any other builder in the area for people who needed homes, but couldn’t afford the typical home being offered by the local builders. Four of his sons worked along side of him and ultimately became contractors themselves. Jim was the youngest son and was more involved in the “custom built homes on your lot” side of the business.

In 1991, Jim moved to Marietta, GA where he began installing kitchens and bathrooms with Atlanta’s largest kitchen and bath company. With many requests for more remodeling, other design-build projects were added like basements, additions, porches, and custom homes on your lot. Today, our primary target is remodeling kitchens, bathrooms and basements in Marietta and surrounding areas up to a 30-minute drive. But we still enjoy doing other projects as they fit the schedule.