Our Commitment to Green Remodeling

  • REMODELING, itself, is inherently a “GREEN” building practice that redesigns and repurposes spaces.
  • REDUCE – Thoughtful planning reduces waste and demolition. Energy star appliances and fixtures reduce energy usage.
  • REUSE – Green designs identify opportunities to reuse building materials.
  • RECYCLE - Plastic, paper, cardboard and glass are recycled at local recycling centers. Wood is composted.

Five benefits of choosing GREEN building:

  1. Reduced repair and maintenance costs. Green choices last longer and perform better so the need for repair and maintenance is much less.
  2. Lower energy bills. Enjoy ongoing monthly energy savings from green building designs.
  3. Better resale value. As green awareness continues to increase, buyers are willing to pay for the advantages of “Green Building” because they understand the ongoing savings they will enjoy in a “Green Home.”
  4. Greater comfort. With better insulations, windows, energy star appliances, air sealing, indoor air quality and lighting, a green home is not only more efficient, it’s more comfortable and healthier, too!
  5. Personal satisfaction. Those who choose to go green experience the satisfaction of having done a good thing by providing a healthier environment for their loved ones and future generations.